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Sunday, May 27, 2012

mothers' day visit

(it was a little bright... excuse the squints)

my mom came to visit us for mothers' day and it was the best!  of course we were exhausted by the time she left... she is go go go.

as soon as we picked her up from the airport we were having fun!  we went out to eat and ran errands and watched movies and gardened and made delicious food.

my mom is the best!  even though she was out here for a little vacation, we still stopped by an art store and talked to a calligraphist, who was not that convinced of my mom's abilities, to talk about calligraphy for andie's wedding.  who knew there was different styles of calligraphy or that they even had names!?  she was intense!

she is so generous and is always thinking of everyone but herself.  i love her so much and am so grateful that she is my mom.

happy belated mothers' day mom!  thanks for spoiling us as usual!