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Monday, March 31, 2008


how cool looking is this? i may just need a few.

and it can hold 30 pairs of shoes!


we're so popular...

um, thanks for all of the adds. blogging makes me feel even more popular than facebook.

you're welcome for being hilarious and cutting edge,

ali (and david 2)

Friday, March 28, 2008

shake shake

so, david ii broke our s shaker (it was definitely an accident, btw: those things are not microwave safe), so, i'm on the hunt for some new shakers...

too trendy?

Are these posters getting too trendy?

I hope not because one is on its way. Buyer's remorse. Andelicious? You definitely know what I'm talking about.


Time to get Crafty...

I'm going to be making one of these any day now... if it turns out amazing I'll post my own pic and then I'll make you one, for... say: a large size rhino trophy.

that's right...

Andelicious is blogging.

*david ii: notice the double belt action... i told you i wasn't making it up.

** andelicious: i'm glad you have better fashion sense these days... that was getting ridiculous.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

um... awesome?

How great is this?

I swear they used to have a bear head too. That was equally as awesome.



Some of our good friends are having a kid soon and that got me thinking...

if I were to have kids I would only let them play with the most awesome of toys.

Jen Muskof:
I hope you're still in the baby elephant making business in 2015.

found it...

A while ago i was browsing when I noticed something familiar:

this was used as their header... and I saw this print back in October... I should have bought it then, before it went mainstream and lost it's indie cred.


oh... and p.s.

We got married. For reals.

wedding present...

Who wants to visit and comission a custom one of these:

for me as a wedding gift?

it's summer here...

So, I bought two of these:

they look like summer to me. And the girl who makes these was nice enough to make me a set! I love people from Provo.

*available at

some lovelies...

*these beauties are all available at