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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

whatever you are, be a good one.--abraham lincoln

congratulations andie! since my little sister graduated and she came to my graduation, i did the decent thing and endured a 5 hour layover in the denver airport and arrived 1am the morning of her graduation. i love airports! they have chairs...

anyways, she looked gorge the day before i arrived at the commencement ceremony and it's a good thing she got some pics because it was stormy the day of her school's graduation.

a cap and gown has never looked better!

after the ceremony we got our shop on and our eat on and mom got pretty artsy with the flowers at temple square. watch out dave! is coming soon.

cheers! $12 pomegranate lemonade. worth it. tasted like sour patch kids.
perfect timing.
sisters by chance. friends by choice.

p.s. congrats on grad school. now you need to find a grad school hottie.