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Sunday, September 13, 2009

new le crueset

my mom is going to be the only who cares... feel free to skip this one... the next one is better anyways.

so when my mom was in town we went to the le crueset outlet they have near us and picked up these little french onion soup dishes, which just so happen to be the perfect size for making individual pot pies, which we enjoyed for dinner tonight.

just another view of the handled bowls.

she also bought me this beautiful new heart shaped enameled cast iron that i made spinach artichoke dip in.  funny story, i registered for this for my wedding last year and grandma nielsen got it for me, but turns out it was sold out... but i found it in wisconsin!

thanks for all of the le crueset mom!  you're the best!  we can't wait until you come back so we can make delicious treats in these!

memorial day weekend!

for memorial day weekend we had two visitors... tyler our best house guest and my mom.  we had so much fun, even though it was the weekend before david's first test week.  we kicked off the weekend by heading to the brewers/giants game.  it was fun, but mom was done by about the fourth inning.  so we headed to the fan shop and typod got all the brewers gear he could handle.

after the game we headed to gilles' frozen custard for dessert... we converted my mom and tyler to frozen custard. 

on saturday we went down to chicago to go shopping and eat at giordano's.  i finally got to try a real chicago italian roast beef sandwich... it was delicious.

then we did a little more shopping and decided to visit the sear's tower, which is now called something else, but no one remembers it's new name.  

it's tall.
we got in line to get tickets and found out the line was like 2.5 hours long... so mom decided it would be worth an extra $15 a piece to cut to the front of the line.

a 60 sec. elevator ride later we were 103 stories up.  they have these little plexiglass alcoves that you can stand in.  it's pretty scary.

these pictures look weird because of all the reflected light off of the glass.

doesn't look that safe.

see: you can see all the way down to the street!

mom was freaking out... she had a death grip on several strangers... so funny!
anyways, our weekend was so fun!  we love it when people come to visit.  everyone has the best time with us too!  ;)

despite having visitors during prime study time david did awesome on his exams.  medical school is going to be a breeze.