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Monday, January 17, 2011

just a christmas teaser...

best pic of the trip...i love these crazy kids.

it was somebody's birthday...

our little typod turned 13! on saturday... so this post is dedicated to the best dressed 13 year old at lexington.

before everyone left for utah/wisconsin we had a birthday celebration in tyler's honor at Kobe and it was the best birthday party i've ever been to (including the sailor themed disaster of '06).

his favorite part of the evening is when everyone went around the hibachi and said their favorite memory of him. (seriously--he was loving it! v)

here we are with monster kourtney--if you could see the hood to her outfit you'd get it. she's seriously the best baby. i hope our babies are as nice as she is.
here the birthday boy is with his 2nd niece (addie was being naughty--so she wasn't there, but we missed her!)
gang's all here.
skinny! i miss you and all your chins!
nothing says, "it's my birthday and i'll do whatever i want" than second dessert.
and this is just a bonus pic of the birthday boy and justin beiber being twinsies.
happy birthday tyler! we love you.