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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

easter weekend

we started the weekend at the aquarium of the pacific.  i guess everyone else in long beach thought that they would do the same.  the place was packed!  but we still got to see all the fish, sea lions, etc.

the gang's all here!

fishy family shot:

amber loves whales: 

and baby loves sea anemones and prehistoric creatures:

david's first aquarium trip:

andie and the stingrays:


baby's first easter egg dying:


kobe's favorite teppanyaki spot:

loves it:

baby loves japanese food:

and bunnies!

nothing says easter brunch like hot dogs and 4 lbs of sees:

we had a great easter and although david 1 has all of the official easter portraits and egg hunt pics, i think you get the idea.

also, moving update!  we're moving to milwaukee, wi in about a month or so... so get ready to come visit some beer museums and dairies.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


 last weekend we went to salt lake for conference and to spend a little bit of time with andelish, jenna and the other nielsens.

and surprise surpise it snowed friday and saturday and was sunny, but freezing on sunday.  oh, the good old days.

and these ladies let us tag along all weekend.  

typod working his penguin sweater.

andelish loving her rio.  too bad jimmy johns was closed on sunday!

and lovely crown burger.  notice the gargoyle.  nbd.


while our utah nephews were in town a few weeks ago, we were able to spend an afternoon with them at the tidepools.

this is clark after he had some time to rest and get enough energy to look as some sea creatures.

drew was far less hesitant to get into the pools and pick up some mussels.

after taking this pic we realized we really need to tan some more.

and this is typod with his kanye kate spades on.  loving the beach.

we had a great time with our little utah nephews that we never get to see.  i wish we had some pictures from creed's blessing that was the following day, but we don't.  in any case, it was a beautiful blessing and it was so fun to have all of our nieces and nephews in the same place!