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Saturday, August 16, 2008

i've got the world on a string

this is why i love my sister:

i logged onto my face the other day and was greeted with one of the greatest wall posts of all time.

two new obsessions

we're sorry for the lack of posts this summer.  we just live really exciting lives which leave little time to spend perusing the internet, however i was about to make an enormous post full of all of the awesome things we've done this summer, but i seem to have left my cammy in california.  so until one of my sweet little sisters comes to visit--google searches will have to do.

lately we've been pretty obsessed with two things.  shun cutlery and the beautiful world of laguiole dining utensils.  first off, the shun:

this little number is the shun 8in chefs' knife and let me just tell you.  it cuts like a dream.  i just want to chop things up.  i thought i had it good with the ceramic kyoceras... the shun is definitely superior.  it is made by a family in japan who began their illustrious career in the samurai sword making world and as we learned from "the last samurai" their days were numbered and so was the need for the sword.  they quickly moved on from sword making to kitchen  making and i couldn't be happier.  it was also pretty easy to convince my husband that they are really worth it.

now these:
are laguiole steak knives.  david and i have fallen in love with laguiole over the last couple of weeks.  they are beautiful and have been around for forevs.  i can't wait until we have a complete set of flatware.  you'll all be invited over for an awesome dinner party.  i'll make the food with the shuns and you'll be eating with the laguiole.  trust me.  it's going to be awesome.  now that we're collecting these things we need something new to collect.  i'm thinking jennifer muskopf clive and sunshine stuffed animals for our future children.  let me know if you have any awesome ideas. 

don't worry.  i'll catch you all up on our lives any day now.