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Sunday, December 6, 2009

it's christmas time

christmas in wisconsin is a terrible song... you should look it up. you might throw up. but, it's a great time of year. since we live out here, we thought we should really experience a winter christmas, so on the first day it started snowing we drove out to a christmas tree farm in west allis to chop down our own tree.

it was freezing so we picked a tree really fast and david cut it down.

i also got an early christmas present! these are my favorite kind of ornaments and my favorite christmas story. i love them!
then we decorated the tree. i think it looks pretty good. i can't wait until we have a bigger place so we can get a bigger tree and get even more awesome ornaments. you can't see the garland that well in this pic, but you can see it in real life. over thanksgiving my mom got me this cool antique garland with crystals on it... so sparkly and christamsy. thanks mom!

i'm still working on the christmas tree skirt. i'm half way done, but of course i found a bucilla pattern that i love, so i'll probably make a better one next year!

thanksgiving... i mean amber's birthday weekend

i don't have any pictures of actual thanksgiving, because, let's face it we were really just celebrating ambie's birthday all weekend.

ambie had an awesome 19th bday on black friday. we kicked off the day by a little surprise blueberry muffin breakfast... sorry it wasn't really muffins amber, andie told us you had a muffin tin. she didn't tell us she hid it under the oven. then she got the best present ever:

(in case you can't enlarge that, it's a kitty pillow)

then we went shopping all day and ate way too much, but fuddruckers was an excellent bday dinner choice. renee was the best roommate by bringing a dq cake into the restaurant.

tyler was way happy to be shopping.

until he found out he would have to sit in the trunk with our shopping bags.

then we ate some more. tepanyaki was not as good as kobe, but it was still fun.

hey brothers.
rj and andelish and mom. loving every second of it!
and that is the only picture i have of baby! so sad. andie and amber: email me the rest of the pics!
then we played great dalmuti too much...

andie was not happy with what david was playing.

and that was the weekend. eating too much and hanging with all of my favorites.