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Sunday, August 28, 2011

two of the stooges came to visit

and it was a non-stop party!  we ate way too much, stayed up way too late and had so much fun.

amber and tyler didn't land until 11pm, but that didn't stop us from a midnight BWW run.  Delish--but made me so sick to eat that late at night.

the next day we went to pizzaria piccola and had some delish pizzas and fredo.

even tyler loves the fredo

                                                                                       followed by a little BR

and then on to the zoo (who knew zoos were so depressing as adults?!)

 the boys went on the slowest zip line in the world

 then we saw some dead animals
 tyler loved the topiaries
 and the giraffes
 amber and i loved the elephant
 and the camels (duh!)

 tyler was the butterfly whisperer
 don't mind us greaseballs!  they had to keep the butterfly enclosure over 80 degrees and 80% humidity

 i want a whole album of pictures of amber kissing animals
 tyler in action

 after the zoo we went to the movies.  amber and i got carded at the mall by a hilarious old security guard.  the boyz saw captain america and we saw that one movie with that girl from easy A and michael scarn and ryan gossling... not what i expected.  then we met up for a late dinner at the mall.

 the next morning we woke up early-ish and went to kranky al's for donuts and muffins.

 breakfast at kranky al's
 we made it to chicago and the boys when back to school shopping and amber and i met the funniest make-up artist named Iesha.  she was crazy!  if you're ever at the nordstrom off michigan ave and looking for some entertainment and eyeliner find her near the clinique counter.
 then we headed over to vosges chocolatier to sample some tasty treats and have tyler swipe all of their free samples.

 then we headed over to giordanos for a real chicago slice.  i almost passed out because i was so hungry! so i didn't really enjoy that part of our little trip, but it was fun and delicious.

 then we worked off our pizza by walking all over the city: visiting a few anthropologies and a pinkberry and finally ending at millennium park.
 the bean was very cool
 tyler had some of the best poses that we saw

 the amphitheater was also very cool

 tyler also got very into planking... i can't believe we didn't think of this earlier...

you have to look at this picture closely to see how high up tyler got to plank

the next day we went to six flags and had the best time ever!!

we even got to stop for lunch at sweet tomatoes and had a foreign family take our pic

 i wish our eyes were open

 lovin it!

 their last day here we had a little lunch break at jimmy johns for tyler, chipotle for amber and myself (i'm so addicted right now) and then a little culvers.  we tricked tyler into a trip to cosmo prof for some nail polish... amber really has quite the collection.  we are working on our ombre tutorials... i'll let you know when they hit the web.
 for their last night we went out to Devon seafood and grill.  my friend kate from worked hooked tyler up!  we all had a fabulous dinner (crab steak etc.) so good!

 i'm really glad kate knew what planking was, otherwise this would have been very awkward
 planking outside
 on a rock
 in gapfit
and then of course a leon's treat for dessert.

we loved having tyler and amber in town.  come back anytime!  we will keep your file saved on first blood.

come visit again!