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Sunday, March 20, 2011

and we had a visitor!!

david was touring the country for some meetings and worked his way to the midwest with a little stop in milwaukee via chicago. it took us 3 hrs! to get down to chicago to pick him up-a new terrible record for us. we even left at 2:45... i guess everyone left work early on friday. we went to XOCO for dinner and i saw Rick Bayless twice! too bad he kept ducking into the kitchen and i never got a pic with him, even though i kept my eye on the door. oh well, maybe next time.

then david came to our house and we put him to work! he said he didn't mind. we love that he was able to do tons of work in like 3 hrs. he made us a new base for our side door step--so now we don't have to use the janky crate that was propped up as a step.

hard a work:

the final result! now i just have to muster enough energy to track down some lannon stone and finish the step. maybe next summer?
as payment we took him to a few of our local favs. we went to bayview for a little breakfast snack at honeypie cafe. then we toured the downtown area for a bit. worked on the house and worked up an appetite and then headed over to pizzaria piccola in wauwatosa village (it's like pizzaria 712, but way better) and then we stopped by leon's for some fresh wisconsin custard on the way to the airport.
(leon's is so good i had to break my 79 day no treat streak for a dip! don't worry, i'm back on the wagon, off the wagon? i'm not sure how the phrase works, but either way, no treats)

the trip was such a whirlwind, as usual. but so much fun. i promise if you visit we won't make you work. david wanted to, i swear! thanks for coming!!

then we celebrated our 3rd anniversary

our 3rd anniversary was on march 8th. david actually carved out a little time from his study schedule to go out for dinner and then that weekend we were able to go down to the chicago temple for the day. it feels like we've been married forever, but i guess that's a good thing, right?

i loved our wedding day and it's fun to remember all of the funny things that happened that day. like when i was freaking out that david wasn't going to show up in the morning because he came right on time and not early, when he left me in the temple because his contact fell out and then he forgot my wedding band, when andie and amber made our lunch and andie cut her finger and ended up forgetting the whole thing, my aunt carma showing up in the same dress as someone else, my dress being too tight to eat more than one bite, but i heard everything was delicious. thanks to everyone who was there, it made out wedding so special and thanks to everyone who still hangs out with us even though we're old and married and boring!

march so far...

well, the snow has finally melted and everything looks gross in milwaukee, but at least it's been above 34 every day for the past week! we have had a pretty exciting march so far. david flew me to california for a little mother daughter sister bonding time for our anniversary.

the hansen girls were back together and we did what we do best: nails, shopping, eating and laughing! we found some pretty awesome matching shirts and we had to wear them for david's pizza party.

i loved it!
sisters! i miss you b's already. it was a weird time of day... we aren't that pale (well, maybe we are :/)

it's the pizza king! i wish he could build us a pizza oven here, but we would only be able to use it about 3 months a year. oh well, someday we'll have one.

we also saw this cutie work it in dance class. she was great, but easily distracted! good thing she's so cute--she can get away with anything. i'm so excited to see david and laura turn into stage parents... pageants, here she comes!

it was such a fun trip and i kind of feel guilty that david was back home working on the house and studying while i had non-stop fun! oh well. i'm just excited that it's less than 3 months until june 8th! then we'll be able to have a couple weeks to relax.