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Thursday, June 11, 2009

longest blog for the longest road trip ever!!!

we had a lot to do before we started on the longest road trip known to mankind.  we wanted to eat as many meals with this little one:

 she is really good at picking up her own food and even learned how to say "buh-bye" for us.  so sad!

then we took ambie to disneyland since she feels like she's never been.  it was awesome.  typod had to miss practice and we had to postpone our trip by a day, but it was worth it.

welcome to the park! (we're still sad andie didn't come and that we didn't take cheesy pics in the california adventure letters)

(you wouldn't get it, but it's funny... trust me)

all of ambie's years on the space really paid off for this pic

who knew the teacups could be this much fun?

i'm not sure if he really thought he could pull the sword out or not.


you have no idea how many versions of this pic i have on my computer, well, with various bevs

cheers!  (this would have tasted way better with a turkey leg)

we partied all night at disneyland and then we had to wake up early and pack and say goodbye and drive for 9 hours to stay with our utah bffs!  m-dawg set up the timer to capture this lovely:

thanks again for letting us stay with you and use all of your stuff!  you guys are the best!  when you are out in milwaukee looking for a place to stay while michael goes to marquette you can totally stay with us!

then in the morning we woke up and ate breakfast with these two at our favorite kneeder's:

don't worry, they got to go back home and back to bed

(sick!  i hate driving!)

then my favorite part of the trip.  this is like 20 hours into the drive.  we're looking for something to eat in iowa and we turn the corner to see this:

that is right.  the world's largest.  and i'm pretty sure it's true.  they had everything in there.  mcdonalds, wendys, taco bell a restaurant, a bowling alley, a mall, a group of amish teenagers in full gear and more trucker hats than even ashton kutcher could handle.

then we got to wisconsin and had to try our first white castle:

it was the bomb.  and so is wisconsin.  you should come visit sometime.

um, in other news:  we've already moved from our first place, so if you have that address toss it.  we have a new one.  and our apt is awesome and it's coming along.  all of our stuff arrived safely, except for one bowl.  thanks again manda!  we're going to take you to souplantation the next time we're in california.  i'll post some pics of our place as soon as i think it's guest ready.

okay, i think that's it.  we miss all of our fans and readers.  we can't wait to see you guys at thanksgiving.  or sooner if you want to come out and try the world's greatest frozen custard or meet the friendliest people from craigslist.