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Saturday, July 25, 2009

optimus prime vs. megatron

i don't know why every morning 30 minutes before i want to wake up megatron chases optimus prime down our street and right past my window.  you have never heard anything so loud in your life.

i can't wait until winter when we can keep our windows closed and the snow will muffle the sounds of the monster trucks that love to drive down our street.

in other news... new recipes are on their way.  i've been doing a lot of baking lately.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

brewers' no. 1 fans

we were pretty busy this past week and apparently we're the brewers' number one fans.  

first we decided to check out what the beach looks like in wisconsin:

to me it looked like the beach, but then you turn around and you're in a forest.  kind of crazy and kind of too many bugs for me to enjoy it.

then we went to two brewers' games in one week... long story.  the second game we went to we were practically on the field.  and to our surprise they were playing the dodgers... 

notice:  it's a little bit humid in milwaukee, kind of like if you were right on the beach, also notice the terrible haircut i got.  i am never going to learn.  you make the girl promise to only trim off 2 inches and before you know it, you should have just done locks for love.  hair: i miss you and i'm not cutting you until i can go to salon vida in los al.

here is andre ethier up to bat.  i was trying to remember who typod liked to get pics:

and this is manny on first.  trust me--4 innings of brewers' fans drinking and manny up to bat was not a good combination.

then to see what all the obama fuss was about we went to five guys burgers.  it's really big out here (chicago area) and on the east coast.  the burgers were really good, kind of like fatburger meets red robin? the fries were okay.

then the other day we went to see part of the pga classic or whatever that was happening down the street from us.  i didn't recognize anyone, all the really famous players are in europe right now, but a lot of kids stood in line to get this guy's autograph.

we also celebrated bastille day at the bastille festival down by the water in downtown milwaukee.  it was the bomb.  they had crepes and fried cheese curds and mimes and a fake eiffel tower, however, i did not take any pics!  so just imagine it.

coming up this weekend: ward temple trip to chicago, a new deep dish pizza place, italian fest and who knows what else.  summer is fun in milwaukee!  you guys should come.

p.s. we're sad we missed our little sisters in nauvoo.  but 5 hours was just too far.  sorry we missed you: andelish, ambie and jennbunny! we hope to see you soon.

also, we got a huge kingsized bed for visitors, so let's just say, bring whoever you want!  we have room.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

it wasn't knott's... but it was still 4th of july

well, we were sad we weren't at knott's this year for the fourth and that we couldn't make it to the big pizza party... so we decided to drive down to chicago and visit a few places.  we went to the bourgeois pig cafe for lunch and it was awesome.  all the menu items have funny names and their icecream was delish.

then we just walked around the city and saw some cool buildings and lots of people.

then we went to my fav store for some birthday shopping.

then we went to 2 anthropologies and tried to go to a third, but they were closed, much to david's disappointment.

we tried to go to the brookfield zoo, but it was going to close by the time we got there, so we decided we'd just go some other time.

then we drove down to wrigley field to take a pic for typod:

this was just before the game against the brewers.  we're excited to go inside when typod and andie come to visit!  

then we came home and heard fireworks all night as wauwatosa puts on some huge fireworks show for the 4th.  we hope our lives seems exciting to you guys so you'll want to come visit.  we have a few things lined up to blog about as soon as we get around to it.