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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the much delayed, but highly anticipated cabin trip

to kick off our mountain weekend we made a stop at knowlwoods to partake of some cheeseburgers and their take on aussie cheese fries.

he was not impressed.

however, andelish and i thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

then we did some backyard sledding.

we decided to go way up to the top of the hill behind the house and andie ran into a stump.  it was pretty intense.

more sledding
then it was time for a family pic.  then david, andie and typod thought it would be cool to push me and ambie down the hill.

it wasn't :/
but we made up
such and angel

on the way home we had to go to the famous waffle place.  andie almost lost her breakfast:

while there we also watched 7lbs.  wtf?

24k gold for breakfast

there is no place like las vegas.  for valentines' day i had a surprise quick trip to las vegas for this:

and this:

 and then the next day i got to eat this for breakfast:

i love las vegas and i love valentines' day.