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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

medical school is so boring

well, medical school isn't boring for david, but i'm dying! at least i like doing domestic things and am bored enough to think of projects to keep me busy. this thanksgiving i'm going to be most grateful for the internet!

while browsing the web a while ago i found a tutorial on how to make a cathedral window quilt... it didn't look very hard, so i though why not? muslin was on sale and i had time on my hands. i started cutting out the squares and ironing them into origami shapes and stitching them together, hours and hours and hours later i have part of a square done. i think it looks pretty cute, but it takes too long, so this will probably end up just being crib sized.

a few weeks ago i was browsing martha's website and came across some super cute carmel apples, so i called up the yan's and we dipped some apples. i think they turned out delicious!

i also had a crazy idea to make a fall wreath out of real fall leaves so i made david go on a few walks with me around our neighborhood and down by a stream near our house. we collected a ton of great leaves and i tried a few preservation techniques... don't believe the internet, glycerin gel does not work! i ended up with a bunch of moldy leaves, ironing with wax paper worked the best for me. the wreath has been up about 6 weeks and hasn't crumbled yet!

so, that's what i've been up to while david studies. pretty boring, but i have found some shows that you cannot miss: modern family, glee (sometimes), gg (as always) and 30 rock (it only took me a week to watch all of the seasons, it's a good thing we finished before test week)

so between the crafting and the baking i've filled my evenings. i'm looking forward to thanksgiving and being able to hang out with all of my readers (andie, mom, laura and stephanie). that's all i can think of to blog about. now that i finally have my camera charger back i'll be able to blog more frequently. isn't a blog without pictures so boring!?