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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

still snowed in...

to my friends in california--complaining about the rain--i don't want to hear it and to my sisters in utah--complaining about -3 degree temps--i don't want to hear it either!

the midwest is experiencing the blizzard of the century apparently and guess who is stuck in the middle of it? anyways, it all started monday afternoon with lots of warnings on the news to get home and stay home. the owners of the company i work for were amazing and thoughtful and gave us tuesday off--letting us know around 2pm so we worked like crazy to get the next couple of days' work done in the remaining hrs at work. i drove home at 4:30 on monday and i haven't left my house since. everything is closed and all the roads are a disaster so here i am. well, at least i have really clean floors and baseboards, right?

i decided to make a few valentine crafts with what i had in my paper box. i think this garland turned out pretty cute. let me know if you want one-it doesn't take too long to make and i have all day to fill.
this morning i woke up an hour early to make sure i had lots of extra time to shovel a path to my car (or wake david up to do it) and to drive to work very slowly. as i was making david shovel i got a text saying work was cancelled again!

here are some pics of the snow for your enjoyment. (feel sorry for me)

this is our side yard. with the snow drifts i would say that is between 3-4ft.
here is david snow blowing our sidewalk. i don't want to get a ticket. thanks for letting us use your snowblower neighbor! (don't worry, i always bring them donuts or treat for letting us borrow it. i'd say that's fair)
crazy neighbors that left their cars out last night! at least with all the wind the snow got blown off.
this blizzard has been crazy! i went to bed hearing thunder and seeing flashes of lighting amidst white out conditions. i'm so glad we're possible half way done with the midwest. i love it--but i don't have to like it right now.

also, happy february! we are less than 2 weeks away from my favorite holiday. well... skype me, call me, text me-- i'm available!