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Friday, May 9, 2008

dear family:

some things you'll get to experience this weekend:





and some quality time with these guys:

scottsdale and david2 and al welcome you!

honorable mentions: drive in movie theatres, dip n dots, diamondbacks game, fuddruckers, souplantation (mothers' day brunch?), my big fat greek restaurant, blokus, david2's homemade cool treats, several dairy queens, risk (gods something and lotr), tanning, 12+ hours of driving in 24 hours, 2 anthropologies, etc.

Friday, May 2, 2008

dear husband...

maybe if we had one of these:

i wouldn't be so reluctant to camp.
p.s. yes, i did steal this off of john mayer's blog. and yes, he's hilarious.


women dress alike all over the world: they dress to annoy other women.


ambie bear is going to prom

for the next 29 days i'm going to devote 80% of my free time to finding ambie bear a rocking prom ensemble...

option 1:


option 2:


option 3:

option 4:


option 5:


option 6:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

sleepless in seattle


the sleepless in seattle houseboat is up for sale and it's only 2.5million dollars. i know that seems like a lot for a houseboat, but 1. it's portable, so you can move whenever you feel like it 2. it's gorgeous 3. tom hanks lived in it 4. it was in arguably the best tom hanks/meg ryan movie ever

current dream home.

mothers' day

but... i think i can make this. this may be my mothers' day project '08, eventhough my mothers' day projects '01-'07 have still not been displayed in my mom's house. it's fine. i still like crafting.



that's artsy. subsequently, i love it.


i love these!! i want to make them so badly. i guess i just need to find a vintage bookstore or a used bookstore or something so i won't use books i actually want to read.

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