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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new york: where 2 for $5 is more like 2 for $8.56

before we could <3 NY we had to celebrate typod's and gma's bday/mlk day!

(typod turned 11 and his favorite food is king crab legs, so this is him loving it)

(he also loved his birthday presents... )

(addison loved me and the icecream... favorirte aunt status!)

then we were off to new york... it was a little congrats on graduating trip.

we walked to the brooklyn bridge with grand ideas of walking across it, but with strong winds and 20 degree temps, we decided to just walk to the first arches. this is manhattan from the bridge:

and this is us in front of the seals at the central park zoo:

and this is the inside of the downtown vosges boutique:

and this is the original chinatown icecream factory. interesting but maybe not the best idea to eat icecream outside in january.

we did a lot more, but it was way too cold to take pictures of everything. new york was awesome even though i spent hours on the steps and at the plaza waiting to see b or s or even little j and no one showed. i guess i should have the gg link on my phone so i can keep track of my favorite upper east-siders.

some people just don't know how to say no.
gossip girl

we're looking forward to visiting all of our readership (andie and stephie and steven) before we move for medical school. so plan some itineraries and we're there.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


well, this will be a little recap of our '08 to '09 transition.

david graduated:
(and my mom thought that since it was ASU we needed to take a picture by a cactus)

and we got to stay at some resort in scottsdale that was really into giant lizards. typod would have been in heaven:

then we came home and went to see glory of christmas. this is how awesome it was:

(some of us liked it more than others. tyler really liked it, especially the crazy lady trying to sell mardi gras beads to the three wisemen)

then it was christmas:

(i can't wait until andie and ambie have a joint wedding this summer and we get to squeeze even more people on the stairs)

(btw... this is tyler in between his barf sessions)

(ghost of christmas future)

(barry bonds sent tyler a giant's backpack--it was christmas miracle. thanks fedex)

(santa finally ordered andie's senior pics... four years late)

(amber got the best present ever)

(and i finally changed my name... you're welcome david)

then it was new years: rockin' party at the bobergs. then naters came to visit and we did all sorts of indie things. then we got to visit savannah and cole and didn't take any pics. then the holidays were over and we're counting down until next year.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Due to the difficult nature of the decision before us, we have resolved to choose our future place of residence solely on the basis of which location will draw the most visitors. And so we feel that this is the most appropriate medium to determine the preference of our favorite people(being that our two friends are the only ones to read this blog). So here are your choices,
would you rather...

salute our troops at the naval base in Norfolk, VA,

eat deep dish pizza and watch a cubs game in Chicago, IL

get a beer and go to North America's largest indoor waterpark in Milwaukee, WI

or visit the legendary Western town Tombstone and get your gamble on in Tucson, AZ?

Trust me, we are aware of the difficult choice before you, which is why we've chosen the democratic process as the best means of securing a pleasant future. Let us know what you decide...