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Sunday, March 18, 2012

it was our 4th anniversary!

this post is for my mom... she told me she was bored with my blog.  lol.

for our 4th anniversary david was able to get a night off work and we went out to our now wisconsin anniversary restaurant, mr. b's.  as always the food was delicious and it was definitely a nice change of pace to be eating together at a normal dinner time!

(and yes, i'm a jacket repeater... i love this jacket david got me for valentines' day)

we exchanged linen/floral gifts to keep with the year's theme.

in other news, i've been trying to cook more.  my goal is 6 dinners a week.  last week was a success.  i'll be posting the recipes that turned out delicious on my recipe blog, so maybe you'll get a little more blogging action from me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

kelli's baby shower

last saturday we celebrated kelli's little lucas.  i was kind of worried no one was going to show up since we got hit with a pretty intense storm friday night... but surprise surprise almost everyone made it.

it was such a fun shower! thanks to everyone for coming to support our friend and her new baby.  it is always great to catch up with all the girls.
 (sorry we missed a few of you!  we didn't think about taking a group picture until everyone was leaving)

(and thanks to chels and kelli for documenting it)